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Project Name : Get Included

Project Date: 2018-2019

Project Group:
  • Trainers
  • Youth workers
  • Mentors
  • Youth Workers in International Organizations

Get Included Project Date: 2018-2019 Project Location: Jordan, Turkey, Greece, Spain Funding Agency: Erasmus+ Partners: Dokuz Eylul Universitesi – Turkey. Yasar Universitesi – Turkey. Gaziantep Egitim ve Genclik Dernegi – Turkey. Jovenes Hacia La Solidaridad Y El Desarrollo – Spain. United Societies of Balkans Astiki Etaireia – Greece. Direct Target Groups: Trainers Youth workers Mentors NGO workers Youth Workers in International Organizations Indirect Target Groups: Young migrants and refugees Goals & Objectives: To create new tools of education for entrepreneurship and social inclusion by using the gamification. To raise awareness among young people of hosting countries and encourage them for taking action and initiative. To facilitate young refugees and migrants’ taking active role in solution of social problems. The project will deliver the following outputs: Need Analysis Report aims to identify awareness, knowledge, skills and competences about gamification tools which youth workers and social workers can use to boost their creativity while trying to raise awareness about youth work for young refugees and migrants. Tool-Kit will be useful resource for youth workers in providing trainings to other youth workers in providing services to migrants and refugees and will be used for training of youth workers who work with young migrants and refugees. Digital Platform will be open platform to share projects outputs news and experiences of different stakeholders as well as result of the activities made during the project. Activities: Multiplier Events: consists of a network meeting for organizations to get to know each other. To build cooperation and conference to share the results of ongoing and completed project outputs with target groups. The events were and will be organized in Gaziantep (Turkey). Amman (Jordan) Valencia (Spain). Thessaloniki (Greece). The final event, an international joint multiplier event will be held in Izmir (Turkey) to bring together youth organizations, NGOs, Youth workers. Short Term Joint Staff Training: “Need Analysis Report” and “Tool-Kit” developed by the project partners will be used and tested at the short term Joint staff training event which will be held in Izmir, Turkey. 30 youth workers from partner countries will attend for five days for the event. Blended Youth Motilities: First Youth Blended Mobility in Greece will be organized about using digital platforms and media tools for social inclusion with the focus of entrepreneurship skills. After the second Youth Blended Mobility in Jordan will be held about workshops for inclusion of refugees and youth of hosting countries.