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JYIF is proud to have been enriching the lives of youth for over a decade. Helping our young people in achieving their potential and becoming leaders within their field is essential for our future. We fulfill this important role by utilizing a range of tools. By creating personal connections and leveraging new techniques we are constantly growing and strengthening our network. We partner with organizations that share our goals and we seek out sponsors who share our vision so that they can contribute to our mission. We communicate and exchange ideas through digital media, traditional media, and of course through personal face-to-face dialogue. Our most important and powerful tool is has always been the youth themselves; they are our constant source of inspiration and motivation. Of course none of our work can be organized and carried out without the world class staff of the Jordan Youth Innovation Forum. We have a skilled group of Volunteers, Part-time and full-time employees, and youth workers who are dedicated to the goals and mission of the JYIF. Our executive director has over 15 years of experience with youth work, and has dedicated his life to the cause. The board of directors is made up completely of influential young people from all sectors of society, and are leaders in various fields ranging from Visual Media and Radio, to Medicine and Engineering. This ensures that we are guided by many mindsets with different points of view, who are all focused on the development of youth. Objectives: In Terms of Empowerment: Development and instruction of living skills including: leadership skills, team work, languages, extra-curricular activities, and communication skills. Development of the technical and cognitive skills required for active participation in the labor market, and linking individuals to job opportunities (skills include communication, management, problem solving, team work, writing of CV and preparing for interviews …). Organizing income-generating micro-projects for the Society to increase its ability to afford its costs. Building the efficiencies of the youth to manage micro-projects, and providing proper training for them and for business leaders to establish or expand micro-projects. Reinforcement and protection of human rights including the civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights, pursuant to the international agreements and conventions and national legislations, especially the rights of the youth both males and females. Building the abilities of societies in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to establish coalitions and organize campaigns through providing them with technical and training support. Building capabilities and enhancing abilities at the societies in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, in order to help them perform their work in the best possible manner to serve the local community. The abilities include but are not limited to: strategic planning, identification of objectives, management and evaluation of resources, financing and management of projects and execution of programs and activities. In Terms of Social Responsibility: Activating the role of the youth in preserving the environment and nature and raising their awareness to the importance of the conservation of electrical power and other resources. Promoting renewable energy as a means for protecting nature from pollution and raising the level of self-sufficiency for the Kingdom. Advocating the participation of Jordanian youth in the public life and civil participation through spreading awareness among the different levels and benefiting from distinguished life and vocational experiences. Supporting the principles of integrity and transparency according to the International Election Standards and advocating the participation in elections. Activating the role of the youth in political participation. Reinforcement of the concepts of liberties and democratic participation in the frame of human rights in order to establish a comprehensive development. In Terms of Global Perspective: Spreading and providing access for cultural activities and supporting and developing them inside and outside the Kingdom, and familiarizing foreign civilizations with the Kingdom's culture and promoting it. Educational exchange and cultural cooperation between Jordan and other countries. Training the youth to respect the concepts, liberties and points of view of other people and have cultural reaction with them, and raising their ability to adapt and deal with all the different cultural, religious and political opinions. Developing and promoting tourism locally and abroad, including the tourism concerned with the natural places and conservation of the environment which improves the welfare of the local community. Advocating mutual cooperation and understanding between people of different religions and cultures, and supporting common human and ethical values. Enhancing the capabilities of societies to manage civil activities related to peace and resolution of disputes, including dialogue, communication and respect of other people's opinions.