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2004: Before the creation of the JORDAN Youth Innovation Forum there was an informal group of young motivated Jordanians who wanted to positively influence the youth of Jordan through volunteer work. The original founder was inspired by his own experience in international volunteer work and decided that every Jordanian should have a similar experience. 2006: The remaining members of the informal group founded an organization called the JORDAN Youth Innovation Forum (JYIF). This new body was dedicated to the development of young Jordanians, but focused only on Amman. 2007: The JYIF began work with the Youth In Action Program, put in place by the European Union to help inspire young Europeans to work together in shaping the future of the Union. Jordan was one of the partner countries in this program, giving Jordanian groups and NGOs the chance to participate with European youth in cross cultural projects. Over all the years of being part of the Youth in Action program (2007 to 2013) the JYIF was able to send over 500 young Jordanians to more than 120 Projects all across Europe. 2008: The JYIF finally became licensed by the Ministry of Culture in Jordan, and thus achieved the legitimacy needed to better serve the youth of Jordan. At this time the first official Board was elected, and their first decision was to upgrade the scope of work to the National Level, no longer only focusing on Amman. 2009: The Jordan Youth Innovation Forum became a member of the Islamic Conference Youth Forum for Dialogue and Cooperation (ICYF-DC), which is the youth branch of the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) the second largest inter-governmental organization in the world (second only to the United Nations). Since that time the JYIF has been part of ICYF-DC activities and projects for youth, including the yearly summit in Kazan, and the International Mode Organization for Islamic Cooperation (IMOIC). 2010: The JYIF became a member of the Anna Lindh Foundation, further expanding the already large network of partners. 2013: The Youth in Action program was ended, and replaced by the Erasmus+ program. The JYIF has been part of the Erasmus+ network ever since and has already partnered in over 50 projects, giving opportunities to more than 100 young Jordanians. 2013: The JYIF became associated with the International Peach Youth Group (IPYG), the youth branch of Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) in Seoul, Korea. The JYIF represented Jordan’s Youth at the Decleration of World Peace event organized by HWPL that same year in Seoul. 2014: The executive director of the JYIF became a board member of the ICYF-DC, thus pushing the JYIF to a position of higher importance within the network, and placing the organization in a decision making position. 2015: The JYIF became a peach ambassador for the International Peace Youth Group (IPYG) and has been assisting in the organization of World Alliance of Religions for Peace (WARP) meetings. 2016: The JORDAN Youth Innovation Forum has been in the process of updating their image, focus, priorities, and internal structure. The organization has a new office, and has shifted more focus to local level projects. It is the hope that this change will in the end work to further benefit the young people of Jordan and make sure they have every opportunity to pursue their potential, and create a better society for all of us.