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As a dynamic organization JYIF is always seeking the best ways to accomplish our mission and achieve our vision. We focus our day-to-day activities on specific goals to promote the interconnected priorities that comprise our Pillars of Youth Empowerment, Social Responsibility, and Global Perspective. Currently our efforts are geared toward the objectives below and the strategic plans we’ve developed to realize them. Connect the leaders of today with the leaders of tomorrow. We will be sponsoring educational and networking events for young people that feature prominent citizens who have had a positive impact in business, politics, NGOs, and other areas. Facilitate employment and entrepreneurship. We find platforms that connect employers with job seekers, and entrepreneurs with backers and customers, and make sure these resources are available to our youth. Build the capacity of Jordan’s Youth. Through the organization of workshops, and setting up support networks for young people with ideas, we are working on capacity building in the field of youth and youth entrepreneurship. Grow Civic Responsibility. We encourage our young people to be responsible citizens and seek out ways to improve their communities, country, and world. When our members identify opportunities for civic engagement we provide guidance and support so that they can create and lead projects themselves. Encourage volunteer work. Through our network we provide opportunities for young people to “give back” either through volunteering in specific events, or long term volunteering positions. The more volunteer work a member has done the more dedicated they are to the cause, and so the higher their standing within the organization. Advocate for inclusivity. We are planning a series of recreational sports, music, and art events geared toward diverse youth. These will give all different types of young people the chance to have fun together, get to know each other, and appreciate the advantages of diversity. Create cross-cultural education opportunities. Our work with the Erasmus+ Program, the Anna Lindh Foundation, the ICYF-DC, the IPYG, and many other international networks has enabled young Jordanians to participate in education exchanges and youth development programs around the world. It is the belief of the JYIF that these types of international projects help in the development of young Jordanians, and show them other ways of thinking, and doing. Foster the idea of global unity. Through conferences and seminars we hope to create a sense of belonging within young people to the world as a whole. To belong to a single community without seeing how it fits in to the global system is narrow-minded and dangerous, as well as detrimental to personal development. Our hope within the JYIF is to make the youth of Jordan not only active citizens within the country, but the entire globe.