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The JORDAN Youth Innovation Forum is a Private Non-Governmental Organization Licensed by the Jordanian Ministry of Culture. Our work is on the National level, not focusing on a specific city or region of the country. Our target group is made up of young people living in Jordan between the ages of 13 and 30, which includes Jordanian citizens as well as non-Jordanians living in the kingdom. Our focus has shifted over the years, having focused on different priorities and areas of work, but we have never strayed from the desire to serve Jordan’s Youth. Mission: To inspire the youth of Jordan to realize their true potential by empowering them vocationally and educationally, instilling in them a sense of social responsibility, and assisting them in the development of a global perspective. Vision: A future where youth are the priority, carefully invested in, and given every opportunity to accomplish their dreams and succeed in their endeavors, leading to an over-all more prosperous society.