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Intelligence Lab (ILP)


In recent years, unemployment rates and inequality rates have been significantly high in Jordan, especially young people and students who are unemployed. So, in an ever-evolving world, it is hard for youngsters to keep up with the high pace evolving of technology and an increasingly competitive labor market. 

Therefore, we, the Jordan Youth Innovation Program invented a program for youngsters called “Intelligence Lab” in which they can enhance their interpersonal skills, teamwork, and communication skills through innovative technological projects while also focusing on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 4, 9, 12, 17 (Quality education; Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure; Responsible consumption and production; Partnership for goals).

Introduction to Intelligence Lab Program:

We intend to provide training courses on Robotics and Android Programming to children and youngsters of both genders 6-16 years. In this way than can explore technology innovative themselves, which will help them to interpret different situations in the future.

Our main goal is to supply the community with creative sustainable young people who can think out of the box and build innovative products that can facilitate day-to-day activities. It is not only about the hard skills, but the children will also learn about teamwork and communication skills. Besides, we want to focus on diversity, therefore, 20% of the projects will also be provided to refugees for free. In this way, we can make the number of refugees engaged in the community higher, and we enable refugees to become more self-reliant. This specifically contributes to SDG 17 (Partnership for Goals).

ILP Goals:

Besides, we want children to, therefore, 20% of the three projects will also be implemented for free for refugees. In this way, we can make the number of refugees engaged in the community higher, and we enable refugees to be more self-reliant. This specifically focuses on SDG 17 (Partnership for Goals).

Furthermore, this project helps to increase rates of employability since young people have the competencies and capabilities to compete in the labor market. Thus, the long-term results help the youngsters to lead Jordan to a positive economic perspective and foster the culture of entrepreneurship and small-medium businesses. Finally, since the projects support technological entrepreneurship, the intelligence lab will nurture the growth of the Tech industry in Jordan. Thus, the project will not only enhance youngsters for their future but will also provide a good perspective for the future of Jordan.

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