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JYIF, Executing Partner for an Innovative Entrepreneurial Program




JYIF, Executing Partner for an Innovative Entrepreneurial Program

Oct, 2020

JYIF gladly announces that acting as an executing partner of the Safir Project. In 2021, JYIF will be guiding youth with entrepreneurial ideas from the MENA region. Their ideas shall include a social, cultural, or environmental impact. The Safir Project is an EU-funded social impact incubator program that offers skill-building sessions. This will design a regional advocacy toolkit for the achievement of sustainable development goals in the region. Accordingly, JYIF will empower youth whilst contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

During a 2-year incubation program, the selected applicants will receive sessions on entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, and other skills and knowledge needed for starting a business. Moreover, we will assess the feasibility and measurement of the impact. Ultimately, high-potential projects will get the opportunity to join the accelerator program, which offers funding to kickstart their project.

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