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Project Name : GAME

Project Date: 2018-2021

Project Group:
  • Children as participants (age 8-15)
  • Young people as playmakers (age 15-25)

Goals & Objectives: To address the lack of opportunities for young people in the region, the project will work towards the overall development objective of increasing opportunities for youth, and to use sports as a powerful tool for inclusion and social change. Sports have a role to play when the goal is to create participation, gender equality, and foster entrepreneurship amongst young people. The project idea is to establish a community based outreach initiative, capable of delivering lasting social change through youth-led street sports and culture. This idea derives from and has been tested in previous projects implemented by GAME, who has been active in Denmark and many countries around the Middle East since 2007. The project will deliver the following outputs: At least 40 % females and at least 25 % refugees 400 youth have been trained as role models and/or entrepreneurs. 200 youth are active in shaping their communities and future. 20,000 children and youth are engaged in the street sports activities. 10 street sports facilities have been established or refurbished. 100 youth-led sports initiatives/start-ups have received seed funding. 80 % of the funded initiatives are still active after their first year, 50 % generate at least a part-time salary, and 40 % have or are in the process of being registered. The project will have four main activities: A Playmaker Camp to develop street sports instructors and democratic role models capable of working with intercultural understanding, anti-racism, conflict prevention and gender equality. Free Weekly Street Sports Practices in street basketball and street soccer led by the Playmakers and carried out in 10 GAME Zones across the country. An annual one-day Street Sports and Culture Festival called GAME Finals. A Street Sports Incubator with seed funding and training for entrepreneurial youths who want to start their own nonprofit or for-profit projects in the field of sports. Now that the first year of implementation has concluded, GAME Jordan achieved many goals and hit new smashing records and gained amazing momentum in the media. Families and young people are continuously asking about the next exercises and looking forward to participate. This project led to new concept of mutual trust between kids, families and playmakers, and established a sense of loyalty for the practices and zones. 116 playmakers 54% of which females (as per the midterm report). Over 10,000 total show ups in the GAME zones. 5 active GAME ZONEs during 2018, and 5 new ZONEs expected to open during 2019. 674 participants in GAME FINALS from cities across Jordan.