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Title: Afaq – آفاق (Building Digital Capacity for Youth)
Date: August 2023 – August 2024
Location: Jordan
Donor: IsDP

Afaq is an innovative project that aims to build digital capacity for youth and onboard them on freelancing online platforms. The project includes training sessions and workshops to provide youth with knowledge about remote jobs’ code of conduct and required digital skills to perform their tasks remotely. Along with career coaching to support participants in identifying the right service they can provide in alignment with their skills and educational background. As for soft skills, Afaq includes networking events to meet up with other freelancers and exchange best practices.

This project will employ various methods to build youth capacity. We acknowledge the challenges youth face in Jordan due to increasing unemployment rates and lack of access to soft and professional skills development opportunities.

The planned activities of this project will enhance youth skills and knowledge in various fields to increase their employability, and allow them to compete in the labor market with more advantages. The delivered training sessions will ensure youth will have the right skills to match the requirements of the modern workplace.

“Afaq’s scalability plan involves the establishment of a learning hub that offers youth convenient access to tools, technologies, coaching, and potentially consultations, all in one location. This initiative aims to create a supportive and constructive environment for young people in Jordan, empowering them to launch successful careers in digital freelancing.”

Project Objectives:

  • Develop youth professional skills and knowledge.
  • Enhance youth digital competencies.
  • Equip youth with vocational skills.
  • Build up youth remote-working skills.
  • Provide youth with up-to-date technological skills.

Project Desired Results:

  • Boost international career prospects for youth.
  • Increase youth employability.
  • Enable youth economically.
  • Promote digital entrepreneurship.
  • Increase youth engagement in the development process.

The project will be implemented over a period of 12 months. It is expected to have a significant impact on the lives of youth in Jordan and help them to improve their skills, knowledge, and employment opportunities. The project is also expected to promote digital entrepreneurship and increase youth engagement in the development process.

The Consortium is comprised of Tadamon Accelerator, The Islamic Development Bank, The Islamic Solidarity Fund For Development, and UNDP

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