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Youth Journey through Afaq Project


  • Master remote work: Understand the code of conduct and essential digital skills required for remote jobs.
  • Identify their niche: Gain career coaching to find the perfect freelance service aligned with their skills and education.
  • Sharpen soft skills: Network with other freelancers through dedicated events, fostering valuable connections and best practice exchange.
  • 70+ enthusiastic participants embarked on a journey to enhance their professional skills and increase their employability in the global market.
  • 46 young men and women successfully graduated, equipped with:
    • Social media expertise: Leveraging platforms for freelancing and crafting a strong visual identity.
    • Freelancing fundamentals: Understanding different types of freelance work, communication strategies, and project management basics.
    • Freelancing platforms: Setting up accounts on popular platforms like Mustaqeel and Upwork.
  • Collective Sessions: Designed to equip them with the skills needed to secure their first clients and deliver exceptional service.
  • Individual Sessions: Unlimited one-on-one sessions tailored to each participant’s needs and goals.

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