As a group of entrepreneurs in a youth-led NGO, we acknowledge post-COVID challenges and are committed to empowering youth and equipping them with the required competencies; we develop innovative solutions for modern challenges

We are aware of the challenges youth in Jordan are facing and their frustration, especially with their 50% unemployment rates. This rises the need to act promptly and effectively towards capacity building and digital transformation as part of preparation for the “2030 Population Opportunity.

Ali Haddad - Founder and Executive Director

JYIF works on creating opportunities for all!

We focus on creating opportunities for youth through local and international development projects, embracing their abilities and potentials. Additionally, JYIF forms alliances with local youth organizations building their capacity to serve youth.

  • Building The Capacity Of Youth And Increase Their Employability.
  • Foster Inclusion And Diversity Among Youth.
  • Enabling Youth Civic Responsibility & Engagement
  • Develop A Global Perspective For Youth

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