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Street Sports Incubator (SSI)


Title:  Street Sports Incubator (SSI)
Duration: 3 years ( 2019-2021)
Location: Jordan
Donor: Danish-Arab Partnership Program

Street Sports Incubator is the achievement that resulted from the effective collaboration between JYIF and GAME. Street Sports Incubator (SSI) is an innovative entrepreneurship program targeting youth between 18 and 30 with creative ideas in the sports field in order to transform their thoughts into successful entrepreneurial projects, whether as start-ups or communal initiatives. This program’s main aim is to decrease unemployment rates by creating employment opportunities and supporting youth to build their career with outstanding competencies.

The SSI initiative had three cycles, each cycle consisted of a 9-month journey starting from the idea validation workshops to a thorough business curriculum and expert mentorship. In which the participants gained essential knowledge about entrepreneurship, were able to build a strong professional network, developed practical skills, and explored funding opportunities for launching their ideas.

Learn more about the winners in each cycle of the SSI

The Goals and Objectives for SSI were

  • Provide youth the necessary knowledge, skills, and mentorship to launch startups and initiatives related to sports
  • Develop an entrepreneurial mindset and spirit in young people
  • Help youth follow entrepreneurial careers and create job opportunities for others
  • Promote gender equality in the classroom, workplace, and sports fields.
  • Support economic growth to overcome poverty in Jordan

SSI initiative Resulted in

  • Job creation and employment opportunities
  • Progress towards gender equality
  • Skill development leading to increased employability of youngsters
  • Increase in entrepreneurial awareness among youth.
  • Establishment of sports startups and initiatives.

The SSI program consisted of four main stages:

Attract: This initial stage spans two months and comprises two key components:

  • Registration Call: In which Youth registered their innovative concepts on the SSI website.
  • Attract Event: Registered participants were invited to a camp where they gained insights on transforming their ideas into actionable initiatives, received valuable instruction on critical subjects, and learned the art of pitching their ideas effectively. Ultimately, participants will present their concepts to a panel of judges who will select the winning ideas to enter the incubator.

Foster: Serving as the incubation stage, Foster immediately follows the conclusion of the Attract event and extends for a period of three months. It is a stage dedicated to learning, with each participant crafting and submitting their comprehensive business plan by its conclusion.

Grow: The second incubation stage, Grow, commences following the completion of the Foster stage and endures for two months. This phase involves mentorship and the seed pitching process, culminating in the allocation of Seed funding to the most promising projects.

Launch: The third and final incubation stage, Launch, commences immediately after wrapping up the Grow phase and spans two months. During this stage, participants engage in a session titled “Never Quit: A Guide to Leveraging Your Failures.” At the end of these two months, participants are required to submit performance and financial reports. Winners receive ongoing support, including assistance with marketing and promoting their startups and initiatives.

These four stages constitute the comprehensive journey of the SSI program in each cycle, fostering the development and launch of innovative youth-led projects and businesses.

The SSI program acted as a unique opportunity for youth in Jordan to turn their passion for sports into a successful business venture. The program provided participants with the knowledge, skills, and mentorship they needed to launch their own startups or initiatives.

Street Sports Incubator consortium is funded by the Dansk-Arabisk Partnerskabsprogram and includes the consortium of GAME Jordan, Plan International Jordan, ActionAid Arab Region, and JYIF.

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