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Street Sports Incubator – INCUBATION CYCLE 03


Street Sports Incubator is the achievement that resulted from the effective collaboration between JYIF and GAME. SSI aims to equip youth with the required business knowledge and life skills, in order to boost their journey towards entrepreneurship and enhance their opportunities of employment. Further, the SSI project provides seed funds to projects related to sports, which gives the chance for youth to achieve their ambition and foster a healthy lifestyle. Read more about the SSI Project here.

The third cycle of the Street Sports Incubator (SSI) was a resounding success, with participants achieving remarkable growth and achievements. The cycle demonstrated significant progression and development, building on the experience and learnings from the second cycle.

The third cycle took place between April and November 2021, incubating nineteen groups of ambitious and inspiring participants. The “Attract” event, which marked the beginning of the program, was held via Zoom in May 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. More than 47 participants from various governorates of Jordan contributed to the event, where they had the opportunity to improve their business project ideas and present their proposals to a jury of experienced entrepreneurs. The jury nominated nine projects for incubation (five start-ups and two initiatives).

Street Sports Incubator Third Cycle In Numbers

51%The percentage of females who participated in the Attract Event
47Participants in The Attract Event
19Team winning the first pitching for Incubation
5Team Winning Final Pitching for Incubation
Street Sports Incubator Cycle 3 In Numbers

The selected participants went through six months of intensive training, improving their business knowledge in various areas, such as finance, marketing, IT, and legal matters. They also learned about social skills, leadership, and interpersonal skills to develop their soft skills and social skills, empowering them to lead in the market with more self-awareness. Additionally, the participants went through individual mentoring sessions to develop their business plans and align their projects with the Sustainable Development Goals, ensuring that their projects are delivered in an environmentally friendly and green manner.

At the end of the training period, the participants presented their project ideas with a more detailed business plan in front of the jury for evaluation. The judging committee selected five projects among the presented ones, which were one initiative and four start-ups. The winners received their seed funds to boost the beginning of their start in the entrepreneurial world. In addition, the winners were provided with detailed guidance to help them with any upcoming financial challenges in their businesses.

Meet the winners of the SSI Third Cycle

  • Muna Bata for Yalla Nel’ab Initiative

Introducing a playful light structure (such as monkey bars) that mixes play and sports to motivate the
children to play and stay healthy in a fun interactive way in neglected spaces in under-advantaged
neighborhoods such as alleys and stairs in the city. Yalla nel’ab aims at making play available in every corner without restrictions to a certain space. Providing children with their right to play. Therefore, tackling the right to a space in the city, creates a sense of ownership, leading to a social impact, youth empowerment, resilient city and community.

Muna Bata for Yalla Nel’ab Initiative

  • Raneem Abu-Khalaf, Hani Abu-Khalaf, Mariam Radwan and Bader Douglas for Fitness Corner Startup

It is a project that allows indoor exercise by designing and creating a modern fitness corner at the lowest
cost and using appropriate sports tools, making exercise a daily lifestyle. The project aims to raise sports awareness in society, provide job opportunities for trainers and specialists, facilitate the idea of exercising for individuals and those with special needs, and make a profit from the provided services.

Raneem Abu-Khalaf, Hani Abu-Khalaf, Mariam Radwan and Bader Douglas for Fitness Corner Startup

  • Hamza Al-Raqqad, Tamara Abboud, Dia Ankhy, and Jad Mounayer for Throw It Startup

Throw It is a company that strives to raise awareness towards Ultimate Frisbee in Jordan.
by raising awareness for ultimate frisbee youth engagement and building new communities.

Hamza Al-Raqqad, Tamara Abboud, Dia Ankhy, and Jad Mounayer for Throw It Startup

  • Al-Mutaz Al-Mahrouq for Extra Jordinary Startup

Extra Jordinary is a pioneering sports media project, with the idea of providing media services to nonprofit organizations that see sport as a tool in social change, including photography and high-quality film production. The project aims to produce high-quality videos at low costs and appropriate prices and train young people and children to produce high-quality videos and photography using simple tools (mobile phones) to help them get great opportunities in the future.

Al-Mutaz Al-Mahrouq for Extra Jordinary Startup

  • Mostafa Halimeh and Adnan Anisy for Titanium Sport

Combining scouting and soccer skills to enhance personality strength and football skills to create a player with a leading personality on the field. Market players locally and internationally through an application that uses the player’s data. The project aims to give professional training courses to players to strengthen their sports and leadership skills. Make it easier for players to access their dreams in international and local soccer clubs.

Mostafa Halimeh and Adnan Anisy for Titanium Sport

SSI 1 Honoring Winners for the Third Cycle (April and November 2021) for Startups

The success of the SSI third cycle is a testament to the program’s continued growth and potential. The SSI is empowering youth to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams and contribute to the economic growth of Jordan. We look forward to seeing even more success from the SSI in the years to come.

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