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Youth Inclusion and Employment Project (YIEP)


  • Building employability: We equip youth with in-demand technical skills and soft skills like communication and teamwork, making them confident and competitive job candidates.
  • Nurturing entrepreneurship: Budding entrepreneurs receive tailored business development services and mentoring, guiding them from brainstorming ideas to launching and growing successful ventures.
  • Creating systemic change: We go beyond individual success by strengthening youth-supporting structures and fostering a strong business ecosystem for young entrepreneurs and SMEs.
  • Developing essential skills: We focus on building 21st-century skills like digital literacy and green skills, empowering young people to thrive in the modern economy.
  • Innovation at the forefront: Our flexible and context-specific approach utilizes the strengths of our partners to ensure adaptive and localized solutions that meet the unique needs of different communities.
  • Increased employment for young Jordanians, leading to improved livelihoods and economic stability.
  • More sustainable businesses founded and led by young people, driving innovation and environmental responsibility.
  • Greater youth engagement in society, contributing to a more vibrant and prosperous Jordan.


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