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How I See You: Creating a Digital Community




How I See You: Creating a Digital Community

Jul, 2021

After a year and a half of isolation, the need to support and connect youth is of unprecedented importance. In order to build meaningful connections in a time of pandemics, young people will need digital skills. Accordingly, JYIF partnered with NGOs from the EU and the MENA region and set up the project “How I See You”.

The project also included local workshops in digital art skills, such as film, photography, self-portraits, and photo collages. Also, encouraging youth to tell their stories through art, by enhancing their digital storytelling skills. Further, they can share their art on an international platform that enables them to connect with people all over the world. This platform is a safe space for sharing, reflecting, and interacting. Through sharing their stories, they can escape their world for a while, and discover that together they are less alone!

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