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It's time to shed some light on Sexual Harassment in the Workplace


Why should we talk about it?

According to research conducted by The Jordanian National Commission for Women, around 76% of women in Jordan have experienced one or more forms of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment need not occur in a certain environment. Survivors mentioned they experienced harassment in public places, schools, cyberspace, and their own homes!

Indeed, in the workplace, a recent report shows that more than 50% of Jordanian women who required legal consultation regarding job-related issues have mentioned [Drum Roll] …Sexual Harassment, yet informally.

Unfortunately, survivors suffer in silence and have a million consequences in their minds for reporting sexual harassment or abuse cases. In our society, expressing opinions regarding sexual harassment is considered taboo. This is alarming!

Problems in our society won’t be solved by the sweep-it-under-the-carpet approach. Instead, we need to work on better communication, better support, and protection. Encouraging everyone in the Jordanian society to raise awareness regarding challenges and obstacles that prevent them from securing their basic human rights.

We believe in our role as a civil society organization to support individuals of our community and in alignment with universal standards. We have developed policies that ensure protecting our partners, beneficiaries, and employees.

As part of our PSEAH Policy, we say to you:

Speak Up

Sexual harassment can cause severe damage to physical and mental health. At JYIF, we recognize that sexual harassment can exhaust those who endure it. Additionally, we’re aware of the barriers that hold the victim back from reporting cases of harassment (especially sexual). Avoiding filing a complaint can stem from fear; fear of being judged, the authority and power of the harasser, or not being heard. 

Despite so, we encourage you to SPEAK UP and do not let fear deter you. JYIF will do everything possible to prevent any form of harassment and provide all needed support and protection. Speaking up is the first and most significant step in resolving the issue, assuring your safety, and protecting others.

Do not let higher authorities of official positions intimidate you, justice will be served and everyone will be held accountable for their actions. We will not be protecting anyone for committing misconduct or causing harm to a colleague, beneficiary, or partner.

Don’t have second thoughts about reporting, we have zero tolerance for retaliation and prevent any form of bullying, harassment, or victimization.

We Listen

We understand that to speak up you need courage and support. Always remember that speaking up is part of the solution, if not “the solution”. We encourage all organizations to formulate solid policies and set the right practices in place. Policies are not simply written words, they represent motivation, security, and protection.

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