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Empowering Youth Voices: Insights from the Focus Group - Safebook for Safe Youth Project


  • Cyberbullying: Hiding behind screens doesn’t make it okay. Our youth advocates demanded action against online harassment, calling for education, reporting systems, and responsible digital citizenship.
  • Peer violence: It’s not just physical fights. The group addressed emotional pressure, social exclusion, and bullying in all its forms. Their solutions? Empathy workshops, bystander intervention training, and building respectful relationships.
  • Substance abuse: Breaking free from harmful dependencies. Youth voices highlighted the need for awareness campaigns, addiction support services, and fostering healthy coping mechanisms.
  • Discrimination: Whether based on identity, appearance, or background, it has no place in our world. The group emphasized inclusivity, diversity training, and celebrating differences.
  • Mental health: It’s time to end the stigma. Young participants called for open conversations, de-stressing activities, and accessible mental health resources.
  • Education: Equipping young people with the knowledge and skills to face these challenges head-on.
  • Awareness: Shining a light on these issues and breaking the silence.
  • Policy changes: Advocating for laws and regulations that protect young people.
  • Support systems: Building stronger communities and accessible resources for help and guidance.
  • Inclusive environments: Fostering spaces where everyone feels safe, valued, and accepted.
  • Spreading the word! Share this message and amplify the voices of young changemakers.
  • Speaking up! Share your own experiences and ideas for creating a better future for all young people.

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