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Friday 19 October 2018 the first edition of the GAME Finals took place. Around 1000 children and youngsters gathered at the King Abdullah Park in Al Muqabalay to celebrate the achievements of a great first year of GAME. The GAME project offers free weekly sport practices to enhance the life skills of children aged 7 to 15 years. The project is carried out under the Danish-Arab Partnership Programme (DAPP). 

Participants, Playmakers and Zone managers from different Game zones across Jordan attended the GAME Finals. It felt good to see so many passionate young people together sharing the same vision. The event turned out to be a great way of exchanging best practices though the main objective was to play together and have fun! Participants could compete against each other in several tournaments, e.g. basketball, dance, live rap and football. JYIF was honoured to have sports reporter Mohammed Ali as commentator during the tournaments. 

Lastly, JYIF would like to express their gratitude for having successfully completed the first year of GAME and is looking forward to the next.

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