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How I See You




How I See You

Aug, 2021

The ultimate goal of this project is to break cultural barriers and foster peaceful dialogue between young individuals from various backgrounds. Therefore, encourage youth to keep an open-minded perspective, acceptance and respect for others, despite any differences. 

Adapting to the rapid development in technology and the limitations COVID-19 has caused, we will be relying on digital means in order to implement our objectives. Thus, How I See You project also promotes collective and cross-cultural digital dialogue that gives youth the opportunity to express their thoughts, ideas and values. Accordingly, it raises acceptance between them and provides a practical approach towards eliminating stereotypes and pre-judgement. 

Moreover, the project will also conduct a training course in Poland, gathering various participants to meet and share their thoughts. This training will emphasize the importance of diversity and inclusion, as well as the significance of sharing our thoughts and opinions, as it can have a great impact on our communities and lead to positive changes. Secondly, How I See You project will organize local workshops guiding youth towards effective use of digital platforms, to communicate and speak up, yet be able to create their own digital content.

 Eventually, Sum-up meetings will be held, to present results and share learned lessons, which can provide an insight to evaluate the success of the project. To conclude, each individual has the right to express their own thoughts and perspectives, we all might be different, yet respecting our differences is unnegotiable. Therefore, it is our responsibility to assure everyone is heard and preventing individual differences from being an obstacle in their lives, to preserve a vital humanitarian right; freedom of speech.