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Intelligence Lab Program Launch


The Intelligence Lab program (ILP) has been officially launched. It is a scientific academic program aimed at developing the technical knowledge of children and youngsters especially in the fields of STEM (science, technological, engineering, mathematics). With the program JYIF hopes to increase awareness among society for science, harness the intelligence of our youth, and foster creativity among youngsters.

Children and youngsters will be offered different sessions adapted to age. Children aged 6 to 10 will be introduced to the basics of STEM in a simple way through the program. This will be done by letting them build robots using LEGO bricks. The program is also available for youngsters aged from 11 to 16 however, this will obviously be more advanced. Besides this, youngsters can also participate in sessions on mobile programming.

JYIF hopes to reach many children and youngsters through the Intelligence Lab program. Since the demand for youth in the STEM fields is growing, they believe the program will be of great importance.

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