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Samim Second - Cycle Bootcamp


  • Design Thinking: Mastering this innovative approach to problem-solving, fostering empathy, and generating creative solutions for complex challenges.
  • Strategic Frameworks & Planning: Develop robust frameworks, user personas, and journey maps to ensure their projects are well-defined and targeted.
  • Prototyping & Project Management: Gaining hands-on experience in bringing ideas to life and managing projects efficiently.
  • Effective Communication & Pitching: Learning to confidently present their projects with clarity and passion, maximizing funding opportunities.
  • Grant Proposal Writing: Honing their skills in crafting compelling Technical Proposals and Budgets that meet the specific requirements of the SAMIM grant.
  • Submit compelling proposals to the SAMIM jury.
  • Confidently present their groundbreaking ideas.
  • Secure funding and support to bring their projects to life.
  • Make a real difference in their communities and contribute to achieving the SDGs.

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