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The Modern Workplace


Many articles and academics have studied the development in the business world; utilizing new technologies, the growth of digital currencies, and eco-friendly methods. Let us not forget about the Google workplace environment and all the initiatives taken to engage employees, motivate them, and keep them satisfied. 

In the last decade, more attention has been drawn to the workplace environment, where the development went as follows; human beings were treated just like machines are in a factory whereas now it is important to motivate employees and apply pluralism ideologies.   

 So, what do the employees of today need in order to be in pace with the modern workplace?

It is a must to have sufficient technological skills, it does not matter what field you are working in or what type of job you do. It is nearly impossible to function in the modern workplace without knowing how to use a computer, internet tools, and platforms, and of course, how to use an email and write a professional one!

Basic digital skills are much needed for today’s workplace, whether for communication or to get the job task done. These skills include the ability to use Microsoft Office Tools (e.g.; Word, Excel, and PowerPoint). Indeed, many other tools can be needed, but the employee or the job seeker needs to have the basic knowledge to form and edit a digital document and how to access data from its many sources. 

If you think digital skills are enough for a job nowadays, well! you have got me wrong. 

Apart from the job-specific skills, in the harsh competitive labor market, you should work more on your interpersonal skills. What do you think of your communication skills? How good are you as a team member?

To be a successful employee, with a promising career, you cannot fully rely on your professional experience. Let’s highlight a few skills for you to consider in your personal development plan.

  • Teamwork skills; which include being a good leader and a team player.
  • Problem-solving and decision-making, Are you able to evaluate alternatives and identify the best decision? 
  • Self-management, You should be the one following the deadlines and ensuring tasks are being achieved on time and as expected, rather than excessively relying on your supervisor to guide you each step of the way.  

Assess your verbal and written communication skills on an ongoing basis, and ensure you can express your ideas effectively and professionally.  

At JYIF, we are dedicated to fostering youth skill development and staying current with advancements in business development. Our youth development programs are centered around digital skills, entrepreneurship, and interpersonal skills, nurturing the core competencies essential for their growth.

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