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Empowering Jordanian Youth: THYME Project's Successful Workshop on Global Citizenship


Italian Workshop in Jordan under THYME Project 

The THYME project, co-funded by the European Commission, recently hosted an inspiring workshop in Jordan from 28th January to 4th February 2023. The workshop aimed to train 15 Jordanian youngsters, aged 15-18 years old, on the concept of “global citizenship” to enhance their intercultural and global competencies. Additionally, the project collaborated closely with Jordanian youth workers, equipping them with the necessary methodologies to implement similar training for the youth in their home country. The workshop featured engaging outdoor activities and interactive learning experiences, including a visit to the City of Madaba and the Citadel.

The THYME project is an innovative initiative that places a strong emphasis on fostering intercultural dialogue and cooperation among young people from diverse backgrounds. Its primary objective is to empower the youth and encourage them to actively contribute to shaping a better world.

The Italian workshop conducted by the THYME project in Jordan was a resounding success. Participants from various countries and cultural backgrounds came together to explore the principles of global citizenship and enhance their intercultural skills. Throughout the workshop, a wide range of interactive activities such as team-building exercises, group discussions, and cultural exchanges were organized. These activities provided participants with valuable insights into different cultures, while simultaneously honing their communication and teamwork abilities.

Undoubtedly, one of the workshop’s highlights was the visit to the City of Madaba and the Citadel in Amman. These historical sites served as windows into Jordan’s rich cultural heritage. Participants had the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the local culture, gaining a deeper understanding of Jordanian history and forging connections within the community.

In conclusion, the THYME project’s Italian workshop for Jordanian youth played a vital role in enhancing their intercultural competencies and nurturing their growth as global citizens. By promoting peace, mutual understanding, and cooperation among young individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds, the project aspires to create a harmonious world. We eagerly anticipate witnessing more workshops like this in the future, each contributing to the development of empowered and engaged youth.

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