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THYME Project Inaugural Management Board Meeting- Madrid


THYME Project Inaugural Management Board Meeting

The THYME project‘s management board held its inaugural meeting in Madrid, Spain, hosted by Scholas Occurrentes and attended by consortium representatives. The two-day transnational meeting aimed to discuss various topics related to project implementation and planning for the next stage.

On the first day of the meeting, partnering organizations exchanged ideas about the state-of-the-art analysis of the executed workshops, the preparation process for upcoming workshops, the evaluation of the results achieved during the first semester, and the intermediate evaluation of the overall project.

On the second day, the discussion revolved around creating a first draft of the sustainability plan and sharing intermediate results of the dissemination and exploitation measures in all participating countries and at the EU level.

THYME aims to provide equal opportunities, access, inclusion, and fairness in all its activities. To put these principles into action, the project has developed an inclusion and diversity strategy, which will help expand outreach to participants from diverse backgrounds, particularly those facing obstacles to participation.

The Madrid meeting also served as an excellent opportunity to discuss the workshop’s recent success in Jordan, where youth from various backgrounds participated in outdoor activities such as visiting the City of Madaba and the Citadel to learn interactively.

Overall, THYME’s first board meeting marks a significant milestone in the project’s success and an excellent opportunity for consortium members to share ideas, progress and take the next step forward in realizing the project’s ultimate goals.

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