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How to live a life without worry




How to live a life without worry

Oct, 2022

an article by Arab Therapy, proudly one of JYIF incubated start-ups.

Anxiety and tension spread in conjunction with the pressures of life, especially among the youth groups who are always get worried about the future, but it has bad effects on health, so it is important to try to minimize anxiety by following several tips.

Ways to live a life without worry

You can live your life without worry by following these tips:

  • Stop overthinking and worrying about the future: It is important to minimize thinking about the future and imagine future situations that have not yet taken place, as these fantasies increase negativity and anxiety.
  • Trust God: When you believe that God always chooses the best for you, you will be able to overcome anxiety and fear, so be patient and trust God that he will not put you in situations that you cannot overcome.
  • Don’t take responsibility for others: Everyone is responsible for himself, so stop taking responsibility for the problems that others face in their lives, it is not your responsibility to solve their problems, but you can help them by providing support and advice, and live your own life rather than living and worrying the others live.
  • Moving beyond the past: You should stop thinking about the past and what you have experienced before, ignore your past thoughts and problems, live your present, and plan for your future instead.
  • Get convinced: Focus on what you have rather than what you don’t, so you can get rid of the anxiety and misery, therefore stop watching ads or following the lives of celebrities and public figures and what they have, as these make you feel lack and inferior, also avoid negative and inferior comparisons.
  • Don’t care what others think about you: You may be worried about what others think about you, and this can cause a lot of anxiety and stress, so you should ignore what others think and focus on your own vision and ideas to be comfortable.
  • Restricting the circle of close people: You must surround yourself with positive people who contribute to your happiness, accept you as you are, and have a common interest, and move away from passive people who are always critical and grumpy.
  • Avoid hatred: grudge is one of the traits that increase tension and anxiety because you will be busy with negative and pessimistic feelings and thoughts, Therefore, hatred must be avoided and rid of it, and try to clear your mind and soul.

When should you get help?

If you are concerned, you may prefer to have a medical intervention or a psychologist’s help if you face the following:

  • If anxiety has a negative impact on your social life, your focus, and your achievement.
  • If you have sleep disorders and problems.
  • If you have low self-esteem and self-worth.
  • You may be more likely to be socially isolated or lonely.
  • If you have any suicidal thoughts.
  • If you have pain and health problems without a logical reason such as headaches or gastrointestinal disorders.

Other tips to live a life without worry

To avoid anxiety and maintain your mental health, the following tips should be followed:

  • Keep in mind that anxiety is harmful to your health and self, also affects your beloved, and you will live once and for a lifetime, so don’t spoil your life with anxiety.
  • Try to find out the things that make you worried and resolve or avoid them.
  • Stop thinking about everything that makes you anxious, and try to avoid overthinking.
  • Plan your next days, think about your plans, and focus on implementing them.
  • Focus on what you want to do rather than what you’ve done and failed in the past.
  • Work out regularly.
  • Practice relaxing and breathing exercises to relieve tension.
  • Maintain a healthy eating system that includes vegetables, fruits, nuts, and fish.
  • Make hobbies you love to get yourself busy from worry and anxiety.
  • Keep your life as simple as much as you can so you don’t have much to lose.
  • Ask for help and consult a psychologist and health provider if you feel you need it. 

At JYIF we prioritize our staff, beneficiaries and members health and well-being, and is a non-negotiable part of our Health and Safety policy. Take the time to reflect back on your mental health and ensure you are surrounded by a supportive environment.


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