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Call for Youth Exchange Participants


The following projects are only for participants with a valid Schengen visa, an EU residence permit, EU citizenship, or any other permit where you do not require a visa to participate in the projects.

Title: Workers for Community Development

Location: Estonia

Dates: 22/02/2022 to 02/03/2022

Local communities have a key role in building a solitary, open, and vital society. One important but often underestimated social group is youth. Only by involving young people, youth workers and other members of the community can create a sustainable living environment. Participation in arranging your own life and the life of the community forms the basis for the development of a strong civil society, in which youngsters are the actors driving social change. Therefore, CSOs have an important role to encourage youth participation by finding the most efficient and up-to-date methodologies of non-formal education. Youngsters themselves benefit from their participation, as their future and standards of living depend on decisions and policies that local, national, international institutions make. Youth participation in democratic processes also forms responsible citizens for the country.

Proceeding from this reality and a lot of gaps in the sphere, we’ve come up with a project to encourage young people to become active and engaged citizens in their communities through fostering youth workers’ mentoring and community analyzing skills.

The objectives of the project are to:

1. Map the roles of young people and youth workers in the community.

2. Develop youth workers analyzing and understanding skills and competencies.

3. Develop youth workers mentoring skills.

4. Encourage youth workers to support young people to become active and engaged citizens in their communities.

5. Facilitate networking and further co-operation between participants and their organizations for issues concerning co-operation between youth, youth workers, and communities across EU member and neighbors countries.

Title: Eco-Logic Youth

Location: Portugal

Dates: 01/03/2022 – 08/03/2022

Topic: Environment and climate change – Inclusion – equity – Key Competencies (incl. mathematics and literacy) – basic skills

Erasmus+ youth exchange “Eco-logic Youth” on climate change topic aims at building the capacity of 33 youngsters (aged 16-26) from Portugal, Turkey, Jordan, and Georgia to adequately address/react to their communities’ environmental challenges. This will be achieved through building knowledge of project participants on Climate Change science including causes, consequences, impacts on a local and global level, eco-friendly living and etc. and, through strengthening youth impact on climate change global issues by having educated youth acting as a multiplier. In addition, this project will create a safe space for interpersonal and intercultural dialogue, personal and professional development, critical thinking, and campaigning skills development among the participating youth.

Title: News and Views

Location: Poland

Dates: 07/03/2022 to 12/03/2022

Topic: CT – new technologies – digital competences- Creativity and culture – Civic engagement / responsible citizenship

News and Views is a joint undertaking of seven organizations bringing together young people from Program Countries and Erasmus+ Partner Countries. The subjects are media and media competencies, including the ability to distinguish information (news) from opinions (views), the ability to defend against manipulation, and the ability to form own opinions. The immediate goal of the project is to increase young people’s ability to consciously use the media, analyze and critically think about the information that reaches them, so that they can form their own opinion and be better, responsible, and more involved citizens of their countries.

Title: Understanding and Prevention of Radicalization among Youth

Location: Bulgaria

Dates: 19/03/2022 – 28/03/2022

Topic: Social dialogue Youth (Participation, Youth Work, Youth Policy) Inclusion – equity

An 8-day training course in Bulgaria with 22 participants from 8 countries, including Bulgaria, Serbia, North Macedonia, Jordan, France, UK, Slovenia, and Italy aiming to provide youth workers with knowledge and skills to prevent radicalization among the youth they work with.

During this training course, we will work on developing the following skills and competencies with our participants:

 1. Development of tools for youth workers to recognize signs of radicalization at an early stage within their specific area of work

 2. Provision with consistent and effective instruments to help report their observations to the appropriate institutions

3. Establishment of prevention strategies that will enable all youth workers to respond appropriately to vulnerable youngsters at risk of radicalization

4. Development of specific skills for organizing and actively facilitating sessions with young people at risk of radicalization (especially marginalized ones)

 5. Identification of non-formal methods that can be adapted in the active framework of anti-radicalization processes

Title: Think Green Step 2

Location: Georgia

Dates: 23/03/2022 – 01/04/2022

Youth from Slovakia, Georgia, Poland, Jordan, Turkey, and Ukraine will cooperate through different art workshops to achieve one common goal. The aim of the project is to encourage youth how to prevent pollution and to spread information about environmental problems to the local community.

The objectives of the project are to:

• To share opinions, approaches, experiences, and examples of good and bad practices by methods of non-formal education and learning from each other, in order to find ways how to solve environmental problems in each country

 • To provide participants with the necessary skills, knowledge, and attitudes on the inclusion of young people in activities that are connected to environmental issues

• Promoting healthy lifestyle activities for young people, in terms of environmental protection

• To raise awareness about recycling through artistic activities and workshops among young people

 • Empower young people in active citizenship taking responsibility in their countries and participating in the decision-making process regarding the protection of the environment;

• To give young people an example of cooperation on the international level and encourage them to undertake similar activities in the future.


Location: Italy

Dates: April

Topic: Social dialogue

Medley’s goal is to regain the social and community dimension through the Youth Exchange of experiences, cultures, and traditions supported by the most universal of languages, that of music: the primary art that reveals the interactions between peoples even with completely different cultures. The project, therefore, wants to bring together around a small youth orchestra two different souls of Europe through the participation of young people, even with fewer opportunities, from northern France, Estonia, Italy, Jordan, and Kosovo to compare first the experiences lived during the COVID 19 emergency, the psychological and social repercussions of social distancing. Medley also has an ecological and environmentalist connotation, as among the planned activities the construction of musical instruments is foreseen through the use of recyclable materials suitable for creative reuse.

Title: The Hate Antidote: Countering Radicalization and Hate Speech

Location: Poland

Dates: 25/05/2022 – 31/05/2022

Topic: Integration of refugees – Inclusion – equity – Civic engagement / responsible citizenship

Youth radicalization and the associated use of violence have become a growing issue of concern in Europe and its neighboring regions. There has been an increase in hate speech, in the incidence of hate crimes and attacks on migrants and refugees, propaganda and violent xenophobia, as well as a rise in religious and political extremism and in terrorist attacks in Europe and its neighboring regions (EU-COE Youth). The objectives are to strengthen the role of youth organizations in countering violent extremism; promote the role of intercultural dialogue and gender mainstreaming in countering extremism and radicalization.

Title: Mindful Leaders

Location: Sweden

Dates: 01/10/2022 to 08/10/2022 

Topic: EU Citizenship, EU awareness and Democracy Civic engagement / responsible citizenship Youth (Participation, Youth Work, Youth Policy)

This training course aims to equip young leaders with the necessary tools and skills to improve the quality of the Youth Exchange program starting with self-development.

The type of the activity is a training course which will consist of 6 working days and 2 travel days and will be held in Gothenburg, Sweden. This training course consists of three main topics: motivation and self-awareness (among youth), Self-assessment of the developing competencies, dissemination of results (practice).

11 partner countries-Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, North Macedonia, Hungary, Greece, Tunisia, Jordan. Participants of the training course will be youth workers and youth leaders, who have been active in the international youth field as group leaders and see a need in improving their competencies.

  • A JYIF membership is required to participate in any of the projects.

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